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The Catholic’s Duty Against “Live and Let Live”

The disregarding and misrepresentation of charity —or love, the greatest of the theological virtues, has become a disturbingly common occurrence within the American cultural landscape, this holding true, sadly, even amongst Catholics. Largely stemming from … Continue reading The Catholic’s Duty Against “Live and Let Live”

Anatomical Structure’s Irrelevance to Justification

The Burger King publicity stunt of releasing “The Proud Whopper” and the phrase it used, “We’re all the same inside,” is yet another example of the irrational “acceptance culture” which I have written of previously. “We’re all the same inside” proposes that anatomical similarity serves as justification for actions.

The anatomical structures which are present in heterosexuals are also present in homosexuals and bisexuals. Of course, they are also present in sociopaths, psychopaths, eugenicists, etc. Now, according to the phrase “we’re all the same inside,” any action that these people take as a result of their mental state is acceptable simply because “we’re all the same inside.”

Homosexuals, bisexuals, and psychopaths are all perfectly capable of not acting in accordance with their already present mental state. This has been proven many times over. Yet the argument of “you can’t control who you are” is repeated over and over again. You can, in fact, control who you are to some extant. You can control your actions, which, in the end, is the real determining factor of who you are as a person.

– James Ingalls


Sorry for the short post. I’m lacking ideas and motivation lately, but this gay acceptance argument was also pretty easy to discredit.

The Benign Intentions of an Ignorant & Fanatical Society

Americans today live in what is a strange point in our nation’s history. Our society indulges in inaccuracy and lies, all the while assuring itself it follows only reason and objective thought. This will be one of the most, if not the most, controversial post that I will publish on this blog, but I see it as needing to be said. The topics explored here are all sensitive and controversial issues. I’ll be openly criticizing today’s United States.

The Good Intentions of an Ignorant Society

To begin with, I would like to make one thing clear: I truly believe that people holding views opposed to my own have only the best of intentions. However, this is not to say that I believe they are in any way justified in their resulting actions. Many societies over the years have held beliefs and practices they deemed acceptable which we have since deemed inhuman (EG: slavery).

Irrational Acceptance Culture

Today’s society is very much a part of what I will call here the “acceptance culture.” By “acceptance culture” I am referring to the current society’s tendency to accept abnormalities as normal. Of course, there is a line drawn where some abnormalities are simply deemed too abnormal to be considered normal. However, the fact of the matter is that, this line is based entirely on emotion, as it holds no water when examined for rationality.

Homosexuality & Bisexuality Vs. Consentual Pedophilia & Incest

Here is the first of the emotionally charged and controversial issues of which we will examine. Society’s acceptance of Homosexuality and Bisexuality cannot be held in congruence with its intolerance toward consentual pedophilia as well as incest. This is for one simple reason: any argument presented which is in favor of homosexuality and bisexuality is equally applicable to consentual incest and/or pedophilia. I will point out that, if you accept all four of these practices as acceptable, you should skip this part of the post, it is more in favor of your ideals than in opposition of them.

I have often heard the argument made that genetics plays a role in one’s sexual orientation. This has, however, proved dubious at best. Despite this, for the sake of the debate, let us assume the premise of sexual orientation being largely genetic is correct. If this serves as justification for homosexuality and bisexuality then it must serve as justification for incest as well. Incest can be caused by what is called “genetic sexual attraction.” Genetic sexual attraction occurs due to assortative mating in humans. Assortative mating is the name given to the trait exhibited by many humans in which we find ourselves attracted to people with similar traits as ourselves. As two genetically similar people will share physical traits, they will likely find each other attractive unless they were subject to the Westermarck Effect, which occurs in most relatives whom grow up together and which desensitizes their genetic sexual attraction for each other. Simply put, incest is genetic.

Psychologically speaking, homosexual tendencies hold many traits in common with pedophilia (not ephebophilia toward legal minors). The first of which is sexual attraction toward a partner whom, by evolutionary design, one cannot reproduce with. This differs from heterosexual sterile relationships due to the exact opposite traits being present in the psychology. Sterile heterosexuality is due to a hiccup in evolution while still maintaining the integrity of biological design purpose. The attraction is due to the human brain doing exactly what it was designed to do, attempting to reproduce with a mate of the opposing gender who has undergone sexual maturity. The only issue to be found here is that the sexual organs are in some way improperly working, an evolutionary hiccup, rather than design.

Are Homosexual Tendencies a Natural Response to Overpopulation?

It has been claimed by some that homosexuality is a natural evolutionary response to overpopulation. To put it simply, this is evolutionarily and genetically impossible. In order for any trait to continue within a species, it must firstly become beneficial and secondly be passed on into the gene pool. For this trait to even be encoded into the human genome, our ancestors must first have faced overpopulation, but, as far as we know, they did not. In fact, it is believed the initial human population was quite small. Now, if we are to assume humans or their evolutionary ancestors did face overpopulation, then next it would be required that the trait of homosexuality be passed on into the gene pool. Now, for this gene sequence to become a response to overpopulation, it would be required of it to cause a halt in reproduction. It is here where lies the central impossibility of this claim. The trait cannot both cause a halt in reproduction and still be passed on into the gene pool, that’s simply not how evolution or genetics work.

Should Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Incest, and Pedophilia be Acted On Consentualy?

Now if you’re not a Catholic, don’t worry, I’m not going to be using a religious base for my argument. My stance, that the before mentioned traits should not be acted on, shall be presented from evolution’s point of view.

Homosexual acts, incest, and pedophilic acts are all maladaptive evolutionary behaviors when occurring in homo sapiens. They negatively impact our biological purpose, to reproduce. It’s here that one finds that, in practical application for the continuation of a species, the usefulness of each of these acts is described as follows: Incest causes a slight increase in the chance of passing on genetic disorders, pedophilic acts lower the chance of reproduction to being almost nil (“almost” because some instances have shown natural reproduction is possible), homosexual acts cause the chance of reproduction to become nil.

The argument that homosexual acts should be allowed because of their nil possibility of the reproduction of progeny with genetic disorders is inherently an argument for eugenics, a human rights violation.

Some claim that if a trait is genetic, such as sexual attraction toward a relative, then acting upon this should be permitted because it is encoded in their DNA to do so. This argument holds equal validity toward acting on psychopathy, which has been proven to be genetic.

Why This is NOT a Modern Civil Rights Movement.

We’ve all heard them, people claiming the push for homosexual “marriage” is the modern Civil Rights Movement. There are many things in this statement that are simply wrong. To begin with, the Civil Rights Movement was a push to prevent something from happening, not a push for something to happen. The Civil Rights sought to end blatantly unconstitutional laws already put into place, not to put new laws into place. The Civil Rights Movement served to end persecution, real persecution. I have never once seen a sign that read “straights only” or “Gay section that way.” Now, this is not to say that these signs do not exist, but these signs are rare.  Homosexuals are not denied their legal rights. The fact of the matter is, the Civil Rights Movement fought for already existing legal rights as citizens to be protected. The push for homosexual “marriage” is a press for legal rights to be expanded. We all currently have equal rights under US law. We all have the right to marry the opposing gender.

Abortion and Euthanasia, Cracks in a Pillar of Civilization

Of the many things I specifically remember from my freshmen World History class, the most resonating statement my teacher had made during the year was that one of the greatest advancements made by the Ancient Greeks was their respect for human life and dignity. Obviously, this does not apply to all the Ancient Greeks, such as the Spartans, but the Spartans are not the Greeks whom we consider the founders of western civilization. She mentioned specifically that newborns were not euthanized for being week or sick. Think about that for a moment. The Greeks ended the closest thing they had to abortion, infant euthanasia, because they saw it as inhumane. There is no dignity found in ending a life, on the contrary, it is the greatest offense against it.

What Qualifies you as a Living Human Being?

Biologically speaking, one is an individual organism classified as Homo Sapiens, or human being, from conception. The fertilized egg meets all scientific standards for human life. It’s that simple. You are a human being from conception according to Biology.

When is someone called “dead” in medical terms? A person is considered dead when their heart stops beating, then declared dead when they cannot be revived; even the brain dead are considered to be medically alive. Now, medically speaking, when does a human become “alive?”  A human heart begins beating only eighteen days from conception, and after only twenty-one days the heart is already pumping blood through the circulatory system. Medically speaking, a human being is alive after only eighteen days.

Still, others say that for it to be considered human, it must be able to have thought. When does this begin? A human has a fully functioning brain after only six weeks from conception.

Why These Facts Are Ignored

Society is largely ignorant to these facts due to, once again, acceptance culture. It does not wish to have outside information presented unless if agrees with it’s irrational ideas. Our society values perverse self indulgence and blissful ignorance over intellectualism and reason.