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Summa Theologicæ
by St Thomas Aquinas
The General & Angelic Doctor
Summa Theologiæ is the best-known work of St Thomas Aquinas. Although unfinished, this summa is one of the classics of the history of philosophy and one of the most influential works of Western literature. It was intended as an instructional guide for theology students, including seminarians and the literate laity.

Summa Contra Gentes
by St Thomas Aquinas
The General & Angelic Doctor
Summa Contra Gentiles is one of the best-known works by St Thomas Aquinas. It was written to aid missionaries in explaining and defending the Catholic faith, which gives it its alternative title, On the Truth of the Catholic Faith.

The City of God
by St Augustine of Hippo
The Doctor of Grace
The City of God by St Augustine of Hippo was written in response to allegations that Catholicism brought about the decline of Rome and is a cornerstone of Western thought, expounding on many profound questions of theology, such as the suffering of the righteous, the existence of evil, the conflict between free will and divine omniscience, and the doctrine of original sin.

Treatise on the Love of God
by St Francis De Sales
The Doctor of Charity
St Francis describes his Treatise on the Love of God by saying, “it is truly my intention to represent simply and naively, without art, still more without false colors, the history of the birth, progress, decay, operations, properties, advantages and excellences of divine love.”